i can see that day's blue sky...

...welcome to endless-run.org, Jordana's domain and the place where she would hang her internet hat, if she wore internet hats. At any rate, this is home base, and right now, you are viewing the domain-collective portion of endless-run. Please feel free to take a peek around the site - visit the network section to find out more about other websites Jordana runs, the domain page to find out a little more about this one, and the site page to find a few other interesting places to visit. Thank you for stopping in! Jordana appreciates the opporitunity to talk about herself in the third person; it happens so little~

~ the misery junkie


Dec. 13 2006: So, E-R has been re-designed, and the content has been officially split into two sites, as it really should have been to begin with. So now, there's a proper domain collective, and a "personal works archive", henceforth to be called my "junk closet". New layout, too. *happy* I really like it, I think it's a proper domain layout for a proper domain collective, and YAY FOR AIR! <3

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